Memorial Services
  A Memorial Service is a funeral service in memory of the deceased, the body
is not present
and commonly held after burial or cremation.  An urn with
cremated remains may or may not be present.

 When choosing a Memorial Service:

  At the time of funeral arrangements a choice of disposition must be made
which could be:  Burial, Entombment, Cremation or Donation to a medical
school.  This may occur before the Memorial Service.  The Memorial Service
planning can be elaborate or a simple affair.  Sometimes a period of time is set
aside before the actual service with pictures and items that remind survivors of
the special meaning of the person and life lived.  The ceremony selected also
reflects the life of the deceased and can include music, poems, prayers and
eulogies.  There is a main celebrant, maybe a member of the clergy or
someone who is comfortable leading this type of service, and could include
family members or friends.

  After the service there is often a gathering of friends and family to continue the
celebration of a life, to share memories and show support to loved ones.  
Families often share a meal, photo slide show and continue with eulogies.

  Use the above information as a starting point to help select the type of
memorial service we can provide for you.
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