Traditional Funeral Service
  A funeral is an important event that reflects the personality of the deceased
loved one.  Funerals give us a time and place to grieve so that we may begin to
heel and adjust to life without our loved one.  Usually the gathering time is a set
time period when family and friends can meet to offer condolences, share
stories, and offer support.  The gatherings can be open to everyone or can be a
private time.

   After the gathering there is a ceremony which may contain prayers, eulogies
and music; such as a funeral Mass or a funeral Service which can be at a
church, a chapel, the funeral home, or other suitable place.  This service led by
clergy or a person trained in funeral ceremony.

  Following the funeral Service or Mass the deceased is taken to the cemetery
or crematory.  At the cemetery there may be a short service and Military Honors  
then the casket would be placed for final disposition, either in a cemetery grave
or mausoleum crypt.  If cremation was selected
, final placement and service
may take place at a later date.

  After the service there is often a gathering of friends and family to continue the
celebration of a life, to share memories and show support to loved ones.  
Families often share a meal, photo slide show and continue
the eulogies.

  Every family's needs will be different and every funeral is customized to meet  
those needs.  Use the above information as a guide to select the services  we
can provide to give your loved one the type of funeral you want.

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